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Why it is so effective?

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is the world’s #1 natural health care option that can make great changes to anyone’s current health situation.

The #1 problem for our health is stress, stress causes our bodies to function weaker than normal and that’s why we often get sick quicker. When we have stress for too long then it makes the body function weak and it actually makes us unstable. This can cause the bones in the spine become misaligned and begin to block the nervous system from functioning normal.

These blocking’s stop your body from healing normal and overtime can cause major problems for overall health and well-being.

Chiropractic focuses on correcting these blocking’s in order to keep the nervous system as free as possible for maximum recovery and maximum function for you and your body.

#1 Problem ( – ) #1 Natural Health Care (=) Success

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Our First Visit together

On your first visit we will discuss your health history to learn more about your current situation and then a full spinal evaluation will be completed. If needed, a gentle spinal adjustment will be done with recommendations to follow in order to get you the best results.

Long Term Results

After all the results are in, a chiropractic care plan will be recommended specifically to what you need to help your body recover from the current condition and continue to improve in order to get long-term changes.

Once you are fully recovered, then periodic spinal check ups will be put in place in order to keep momentum in your health process so you are always improving by staying proactive in your Health, Life and Well-Being.

What is Chiropractic Good for?

Chiropractic was founded in Davenport Iowa (USA) by D.D. Palmer in 1895. It is based on the philosophy that the body has an innate ability to self-regulate and heal itself. It does this through the nerve system and when it has no interference it can function at its maximal potential. A properly functioning nerve system is vital to our health and well-being.

Increased Focus

Chiropractic care helps you to be more clear and focused, like someone turned on the light.

Better Sleep

Chiropractic care helps alleviate discomfort and improve relaxation and blood flow.

Reduced Stress

Chiropractic treatments help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of chronic stress

Enhanced Recovery

Adjustments can help break up scar tissue to increase flexibility, elasticity, and strength throughout recovery.




My name is Benjamin Izzat and I am an American that has graduated from Life University College of Chiropractic in 2008 receiving my doctorate in chiropractic.  After completing my degree I traveled to different areas of the world to help others live better and fuller lives through chiropractic care. I have been able to help people in the United States of America, Peru, Canada, Spain, Netherlands and Germany (Bonn, Munich and Köln).

What my patients say about Chiropractic:

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